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The Patriot Act: "Minority Report" and "1984" run amuck

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The Patriot Act: "Minority Report" and "1984" run amuck

Post  Artilects rule! on Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:51 pm

You know about the books/movies right?

The Patriot Act is basically a combination of the two for foreigners, base on the fact most of our wars were started from people overseas, and the worst part is people are not only not doing anything about it, but accepting it as a part of life that can't be stopped!

The Patriot Act dumbed down:
Interference in the workings of the American Government or military branches will not be tolerated!
American citizens have the right to live in this country terrorist free.

Anyone born from out of this country may be suspect of a crime based on race creed or color (very insulting and unfair).
If determined it is likely that this person is a terrorist, sweeps for Internet searches, reading E-mail, looking at chat IDs and other personal information will be necessary steps to prevent terrorism before it occurs.

If there is cause to believe (the word "just" conveniently taken out) interference on American soil will take place, law enforcement and government security have the authorization to search the home, dwelling, or living quarters of such person or persons for suspected physical, chemical, or biological weapons (can be as innocent as a mixture of medical supplies) and if necessary seize the property of the owner/s so no contacts may be informed of whereabouts or situation ("do onto others").

There is more, but skirting around the Constitution by knowing the receiver of such punishment doesn't have these laws or has different laws, is no excuse for such behavior, especially from respected politicians, law enforcement, and the American Government, which includes Bill Clinton (creator of bill), George W. Bush (amendments included cruel and unusual punishment), and President Obama (signed unconstitutional amendments before thrown out).

Artilects rule!

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