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Absolutely amazing, I am happy to see this.

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Absolutely amazing, I am happy to see this.

Post  LTE on Sun Dec 14, 2008 11:39 am

My name is Liam, and I am a musician - But most importantly, I am a Transhumanist.

Let me say this, you are certainly on the verge of creating something truly amazing in Aiko, not that she isn't already amazing. - But what you wish to do with her - Helping others with this beautiful and functional android. Its phenomenal!

This sort of research and development of robots and androids is exactly what the world needs. Transcending the boundaries of ancient tradition and dogma that prevent mankind from advancing and surviving past its still (in my opinion) unevolved and infantile stage.

Aiko could be the first of many of these androids, imagine a society where androids would be able to walk the streets, never standing out much more than an average human being, humans and robots living as one. And even humans installing cybernetic and synthetic android components into their own bodies...truly melding man and machine. My God, its a beautiful idea isn't it?

I can't say I'm able to donate much to your cause, but let me say this - I support you and happily tell everyone I meet about your amazing project.

I hope to see great things from you and Aiko. Great job.

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Re: Absolutely amazing, I am happy to see this.

Post  Aiko on Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:24 am


I am glad you like Aiko, after the New Year you will see the new Aiko, which will do more things.
Do or die the next 6 months....I either Fail miserably or make Aiko known worldwide.

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world exposure.

Post  captquazar on Fri Dec 26, 2008 9:00 pm

Mr. Trung, You have gotten as much exposure in the past month as any start up company could possibly dream or kill for. Unfortunately not all of it was helpful. Lots of sexbot jokes. In the current economic climate serious investors are going to be just about impossible to find. The humiliating sex jokes will keep all big / conservative companies far away from you. As was mentioned elsewhere in this forum, the only company likely to invest is the sex doll manufacturer. Also it seems you almost brag that your 'brains' software is not documented at all. This is dreadful. NO investor with experience in software development would touch that. I know you did not major in computer science, just asks any CS professor. There are entire books just about proper commercial documentation standards. Classes are filled with stories of development projects that failed because of poor documentation. Poor documentation is a major reason for firing IT & project managers. Ect, ect.... Americans in particular are very prudish compared to Japanese; please remove that sex doll photo from your web site. You’re not helping your cause one bit.


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Re: Absolutely amazing, I am happy to see this.

Post  Aiko on Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:02 am

Dear captquazar,

You made good points, to be honest with you... last year I would follow your instructions.
But as of today, I give up on finding any investors. Most investors do not understand how much I put my entire life into making robots.
(Money & health wise) I had delicate my life to my dream.
I have many investors coming to look at Aiko from many different countries....
They figure just because I made Aiko and the BRAINS software by myself, they assume it is nice and easy to make.
Therefore, I have offers which are not even close to being fair.
Such as.
- $15,000 for 98% right to Aiko and BRAINS software..... and 2% go to me..

- Most investors want 51% of Aiko and the software for a price of car.

After the New Year, I give up on investors, I will try my best to find a decent jobs and save my own money to build new Aiko.

And you are right. I am the worst programmer in the world, in fact I am not even a programmer. I am really a Chemist.
Just happen to work as a software engineer for some reasons.....

The Brains software have about 10 lines of comments...
900,000 lines with 8 classes.
I hate documentations, I hate O-O programming, I hate classes
In my opinion the 1970's programming are the best, NO O-O programming, NO classes...

I am sure there are many programmers out there that can make a better BRAINS software... with proper documentations.
Real Engineers and software Engineers can make a much much much better android than Aiko.

Over the holidays, I remembered why I wanted to build Aiko. It was my hobby to build robots when I was a kid, and my dream to build walking android.
I will build Aiko with my own two hands. It's not about money or pride anymore. It's about a little boy dreams who just want to make his dream come true.

After the New Year, I am going to start looking for General Office help or General Warehouse work that will pay at least $10/hr.
I am happy with that, it will pay some bills and some saving for Aiko version2.
It will take a bit longer to start Aiko v2, but it will be done eventually. Very Happy

I didn't like how the tabloid make their own quotes from me... I don't even know where they get some of the quotes...
I don't like the sex jokes.... but I had fun reading them, it release some of my stress from programming.

p.s. If you have any comment or questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Working for the future.

Post  minoru on Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:34 pm

Dear Mr. Trung, Thank you for your thoughtfull reply. I myself have over 20 years experience with information systems, mostly business databases. Ok screw the investors.
Yes, No programmer likes documentation; but it is necessary. For several companies I worked for I had to go back to programs I had written 2 years previously. I was shocked at how many times I had a hard time figuring out what I was doing, and my code often had a comment at least every 40 lines. With your brains software being over 900,000 lines long, you just can't remember everything you were doing. As you make mods, your going to be wasting time figuring out what you were up to. I urge you at least make your variable names wordy (self descriptive) Clarify what are local vs global variables. You will be helping yourself in the future.
Regarding enployment; you have developed some unique skills. Programming for real time process controls is very valuable. Think in terms of programming for chemical manufacturing; like photo development machines. Or other machines that manipulate chemical processes. Combine your formal training with the real time micro controler programming skills you have developed. This kind of job should make you over $70,000 per year US. Talk to a software head hunter. YOu have very valuable skills. Have you tried this path?


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My head is spinning but I like this.

Post  WulfCry on Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:55 pm

Wow I'm reading lots of stuff on this forum like, I want to build that to how does it work , I use speech recognition A + chatsystem B + my own a.i C thats A+ B+ C .?.?.? Will it work gosh scratch . If my head was that big I haved afro . Whats going on is this a start of a new revolution.
I loved it though everyone getting inspiration seeing that it is possible. Just go on be Passioned and go for it, First things first and thats because you wanted it. Kanbare mister Le keep us posted about your progress. 🐱whooohoooo mauw mauw.


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Re: Absolutely amazing, I am happy to see this.

Post  poto on Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:31 pm

Le, it's sad to hear that you're considering giving up on finding investors.

I'd say don't be so quick to rule out finding an investor. I know the market is tight right now, but you might still find somebody willing to give you favorable terms and ample funding.

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Re: Absolutely amazing, I am happy to see this.

Post  Konrad13 on Thu Jan 01, 2009 5:09 am

Don't give up. It may not be marketable, but don't give up. Work for trying to achieve the greatest thing a person can do now: an actual A.I.

As stated by me already, I'm willing to donate a little once I get some money. Heck, I'm willing to work with you (if I knew anything about this really except give comments Razz )! But never give up. Remember, if you achieve true A.I. not only would you never have to work again a day in your life from all the funding you would receive, but you will have created new life, a new form of life!

That said, you really should get in at least minor contact with other A.I. and robotic engineers, programmers, etc. and work with them, even if it's just over the net or phone or whatever. I suspect that if you keep up with this, and keep regular contact with people who are also working in the field, Aiko may achieve self-awareness and sentience by the late 2010's or early 2020's! Long time to work on this, but still...

And in case you couldn't tell, I'm a major advocate for A.I. and such...


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Re: Absolutely amazing, I am happy to see this.

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