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You need a bigger DONATE button and/or ADSENSE

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You need a bigger DONATE button and/or ADSENSE

Post  RC on Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:30 pm


I noticed you have a donate button as part of your menu. But it is barely visible. I seriously think you need to make a BIGGER donate button and put it on a prominent part of the page (top center would be good).

You also need to ad Google Adsense to your site. You are getting sooooooo much publicity now. I assume you must be getting lots of visitors.
All these visitors can be turned to $$$$$ with Google Adsense. It's free to sign up so I suggest you sign up and start earning money from visitors clicking ads. This is just a rough estimate on adsense earnings (based on websites I worked for or was webmaster of before)....10,000 unique visitors is enough to generate $150-$250 USD worth of revenue. I assume you are getting more than 10k visitors now that you have so much publicity. So put adsense as soon as you can....while you are still getting all this publicity.


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Re: You need a bigger DONATE button and/or ADSENSE

Post  haseo on Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:15 pm

If you have actually read the articles being published, you would know Le Trung has trouble getting companies to take the Aiko project seriously.

Google Adsense screams 'cheapscape' or fake website run by domain camper, it certainly isn't something you put on a website for a very expensive piece of hardware. $250 ? Only an idiot would think that sort of pocket change would pay for the $12,000 needed just to get the legs working.


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dude you don't get it

Post  RC on Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:56 pm

Dude, don't you get it? The 250/month figure is an EXAMPLE of how much 10,000 unique visitors can get you. I'm sure, this site...with the major publicity it's getting...has far more than 10k unique visitors.

Basically the fact is this:
Fact 1: publicity + tons of website visits + no adsense = NO MONEY.
Fact 2: publicity + tons of website visits + adsense = MONEY.

Would you rather have MONEY or NO MONEY? Trung says 1 servo motor costs 500 even if he just gets 500/month with adsense...that's 1 less motor he needs to buy or raise cash for.

It's simple as that. Lots of big name/respectable sites use adsense. It's not just cheap sites that use it.


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adsense is good money

Post  John on Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:04 pm

I have several websites with adsense and they all make good money. The more visitors you get (the more ad clickers), the more money you make. are the idiot. You obviously don't know anything about adsense. Many successful sites, brand name sites use adsense for extra revenue (ie: New York Times, etc). It can never hurt you to have an extra source of income.

If you were jobless and needed 12,000 for something and you saw a dollar on the ground would you pick it up? Of course you would. Money is money. You may not get 12K from adsense (at least not in a short time and not with only one site), but you can get maybe $500-$1000 a month specially with all the publicity this website is getting. That's money in your pocket. Money for doing practically nothing except putting adsense code in the site.


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i agreed

Post  andrew motz on Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:16 am

john is right here
no matter how much u get that money is extra money and it really cant hurt to put it... its free and u get money
u know what lee said ,,make every penny count''
and to go with this even further...
i just came with this idea
everyone make 2 or 3 pages and put adsense and on a 'home page' put a link to all your pages (with 50 members X 3 pages each + aiko project home) that 151 pages XD + for minors who dont have a credit card this is a great way to help...
they just have to scroll open a lot of pages but the idea is for those pages to be nearly empty(so it loads fast)
even further... i used to have a wierd kind of flexible ip evertime we reconnect to net we have new ip and such persons produce LOTS OF $$$
all in all we need to make lots of pages
find a few bounce persons with flexible ip
make the produce money
oh yeah and i forgot to say
i repeat i do not know much about this sistem but i think the money goes into a paypal account
we can dirrect all the money to lee's account or to our own accounts and then transfer the money
if u get 100$/site//lets say 3 mounths from 150ppl in 3 mounths u got 15K$ and this could be an exelent way to get money

and hey lee spent LOTS of time in this project at least this we can do for him


andrew motz

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Re: You need a bigger DONATE button and/or ADSENSE

Post  Aiko on Tue Jan 06, 2009 4:18 am


I have never use Adsense.... just starting to get some banners up. At lease that will pay for the server.
so far from donation, I have enough for 4 motors...I just need 3 more to start on one leg.....
It will cost less shipping to ship all 7 motors at once....hopefully, will start end of the month.

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Re: You need a bigger DONATE button and/or ADSENSE

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