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Post  Artilects rule! on Fri May 21, 2010 5:20 pm

Government and police officers may not interfere with domestic affairs unless if needed or reported as public nuisance, vandalism, life threatening,, or excessive violence.

Video Voyeurism
Unless in military, government, or security activities (not from home or living quarters), or authorized use for police officers, hidden video equipment (even if clearly labeled) or infrared/X-ray technology may not be used on the public without consent by the subjects targeted, home or property owner, and if children (under 18) their parents and siblings (genitals are private, sexting is banned).

Peeping Tom law
If one has sensitive documents, owns or maintains material meant to be private (such as a filing cabinet, strong box, or safe), or is in an area which demands a certain level of privacy (eg: public restroom, shower stall, locker room/changing room, home bathroom, bedroom) the person must consent to all photographs or video taken and must be shown the end result.
The pictures or video must not be uploaded to the Internet or distributed to friends without consent, and the subjects in the video or photos must have full content control (keystroke logging is also banned).

These are all state laws, but I think they should be Federal laws, what do you think?
Would that do more harm than good?
This would also be the end of most reality programs (such as What Not To Wear) as well as most Google services.

Actually I think the keylogger ban is for all over the US, but can still be sold outside the US like Cuban cigars.

Artilects rule!

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