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Experience with Verbots?

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Experience with Verbots? Empty Experience with Verbots?

Post  jishk on Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:40 am

Hi there!
*first post*

I was just wondering if anyone has ever worked with Verbots before. It's a chatbot program, but with a little scripting it can be made to do some pretty interesting things relatively easily. The link is here - the program is downloadable, but I think they intended to sell the web bots for use on websites. At any rate, I prefer the desktop version much more

I used to have a neat little desktop assistant bot I created out of that, made to work similarly to guile3d's Denise (located here) - since then I have put her on the back burner, reformatted my machines a few times, and didn't think I'd work on her any more so she didn't get backed up.

Things I COULD get working (in natural speech):
Itunes control
SENDING automated email and SMS
automated social network updating
computer management (sleep, turn the monitors off, volume control, etc)
dialing out to other phones via skype
RSS reading
automated searching on Youtube, Google, and Wikipedia.
Dictation/note taking (back when I was working with the windows speech recognition... once I got Dragon Naturally Speaking, Dragon pretty much did that for me)
Opening bookmarked links in firefox or google chrome
to-do list reminders
study-guide (she would quiz me and stuff when I wanted to study for certification exams)
translation to *some* languages with Google Translate

Stuff I was working on and/or almost had working:
Calling people FOR ME from skype (ex: 'Call work, and tell them I'll be late', and then I can leave while she calls them... I would have liked her to interact via speech recognition over skype)
receiving and responding to phone calls, emails, and text messages
querying and reading wikipedia and MIT START rather than just redirecting me to a search.
conditional 'emotion'-based responses (based on how she had been treated, her relationship with the user, and cpu load)

Stuff I wanted to get working, but never did:
GPS functionality (for putting it in my car... which is a wholly different thing in itself)
Face and object recognition (mostly facial recognition for security purposes)
Remote execution of ANYTHING (programs, commands) to other computers over the network.

All-in-all, I found it a pretty useful little desktop assistant, but not much more. I really wish I hadn't trashed it. It was just something to cheer me up while I was working on something, and to make life a little easier so I had to spend less time outside 'the zone'. Has anyone else had success with anything else like this? I'm asking because I'm thinking about redoing it with hatsune miku as the face for it this time. ^.^


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