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Post  Artilects rule! Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:58 pm

Would anyone like to help me create a Dungeons and Dragons style RPG?

I was watching a show speculating that Egyption, Greek, Roman, and Norse gods were actually aliens from space.
This gave me an idea that this could be played out in a D&D like game.
I have a solid storyline and settings to go with it as well.

The easiest way to do this would be with Flash, but I don't think Flash is good for games, it's too much like cheating.
I also don't care that much for the company (Adobe).

Technically, this would be rated AO, but I can cut some things for an M rating.
The contents cut are graphic nudity and genital contact, neither of which actually deserve an AO rating unless accompanied by sex.

This freeware program is an offline game which may not be sold or E-mailed, nor can it be modified without the author's consent.

The game is two player with AI (one player mode is practice).
NPCs are triggered by solving Tomb Raider type puzzles.

If you want more details, please PM me.

Artilects rule!

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