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Regarding *those* articles/posts about Aiko's videos

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Regarding *those* articles/posts about Aiko's videos

Post  nanozim on Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:26 am

I'm very very sorry but I need to vent about responses from Aiko's video from other sites. Those shallow people can't appreciate what's going on here! Most of those articles and posts are based on gender-pride, libido, and prejudices. One side of the comments are about sexjobs and the other are about "get a *real woman*!". What the hell?!

Admittedly, the droid development has reached the uncanny valley stage. However, how can they limit their self-expression to such shallow remarks?! If this technology is perfected, amputees by birth, accidents, or occupations can get at least a portion of their lives back! Along with significant technological evolution, we might have political, social, economy, education, and religion upheavals! Imagine a personal (artificial, not virtual) assistant with graphology, gesture, and vocalization user interface!

Everybody loves R2D2 and at least amused by C3PO. Snap on a pretty face made of silicon and silicon lined limbs, then it becomes a sextoy? Add a sultry voice then it becomes rival of your everyday *real woman*? Come on. COME ON!! Is that all those people have to say? What about, at least, nano surgery? Perfected remotely manipulated arms? Artificial combatant who doesn't have to die for his/her country? Possible major reduction in STDs? No more boring "click here" information stand? A winamp-like automaton that can surprise you with a song it downloaded by itself based on our own personal taste? I'd imagine Researches would be more accurate and less expensive because the *PC*'s interface is easy.

Okay. Phew. Now, I completely understand how people reacts to this kind of technology; reverting back to the primal human need, which is to procreate. But we have advanced so much and I only hear/read so little about Aiko's central processor and motoric system...well, at least I can blame that to my own popular search over the internet. But it still annoys me.

I studied sociology and psychology, also dabble a little in anthropology. As far as those videos have shown me, Le Trung's affection towards Aiko is more like creator's love than a romantic one. As far as I'm concerned, Le Trungs remarks on the possibility of Aiko's role as domestic assistant with innuendos on a more intimate relationship is based on the vast possibility Aiko and her predecessors roles could be (and a good sales pitch, I think). Regarding Aiko dressed up like an anime character, well, it IS the current hype all over the world and Chobits probably had a part in Aiko's creation. Confound it! I did a small research a while ago about anime and anime fans (and Star Trek fans), and guess what? It's not all about sex! Furthermore, those so called "otaku" are people acting as human beings.

Let me just say that although I'm not a through-and-through anime fan (I do enjoy them, of course), I salute those fans' tenacity and bravery in expressing their own private self.

One last thing; people are like bananas with multi-layered skins. When you peel off the last skin, those people who revolted at Aiko, and perhaps anime, probably would want their own private Chii or Nai (from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou) to be at least their closest friend.

Thanks for letting me rant. Kudos to Project Aiko.


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Post  nanozim on Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:43 am

Ah, sorry, one more thing to let out; regarding Aiko or her successors as companionship (in my previous post I typed "predecessor" instead of "successor", sorry).
I'm a counselor and I've met people who cannot have intimate relationship (psychologically, not biologically) and refuse any more help from a therapist. They actually believe that they are destined to be alone in this world. They are not pitiful and they don't want people to pity them, but they have such a lonely point of view and I can't help myself but think that maybe an artificial person could lend a helping hand to alleviate them from such a lonely existence.So there, I said it; I support companionship from an artificial person, as long as it's not excessive or became harmful towards self, other people, and the artificial person.


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Re: Regarding *those* articles/posts about Aiko's videos

Post  Aiko on Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:52 pm


I don't really worry too much about those comments or stuff from the tabloid.
At first it brother me, but after awhile I just ignore them.

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Re: Regarding *those* articles/posts about Aiko's videos

Post  nanozim on Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:07 am

Yeah, you're right of course. That'd be the best way to meet those kinds of opinion/remark. LOL! I actually give seminars with messages like,"If someone throw dirt at you, you don't go to some people and show off the dirt; you brush them off immediately" yeah, right zim! I probably watch too much world news lately. Well, people are people; there is nothing wrong with anybody, they just act in a way a human being would react in a certain situation given a particular condition that person is currently in which is influenced by his/her past experiences and the limitation of his/her physiological function. ROFLMAO! That was a quote from my own seminar! javascript:emoticonp('Embarassed')

Anyway, before I rant again, I wish you well on your v2 and the future, Aiko!javascript:emoticonp('cheers')


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Well it bothers me.

Post  Arti on Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:27 am


I don't really worry too much about those comments or stuff from the tabloid.
At first it brother me, but after awhile I just ignore them.
The "children" posting on the Web can get me riled up, but I disregard it as them not knowing any better.
This attitude comes from professional writers who take your quotes of Aiko being your girlfriend and imply something is going on between the two of you.

Naturally I expect the creator to act romantic with his creation, but news writers are implying it's sexual, and that makes me want to defend you even more, although I have to restrict my arguments to this site.
Shouldn't you be able to sue them (them meaning all previous reporters, authors, and media) for defamation of character?

Why don't you just go somewhere where it's legal to marry inanimate objects, and be done with it.

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Re: Regarding *those* articles/posts about Aiko's videos

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