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Post  japlu Tue Mar 22, 2022 4:35 pm

sure logic will tell you, hey, foids are invincible, the game is over, just LDAR give up they won, its a feminist soyciety
nothing you can do about it.

emotion will tell you : I don't give a flying fuck I hate foids I hate this entire stupid world, and I will create AI to solve my problem. I really don't care
how hard it is, all I feel is hatred for being wronged by foids coursing through my entire body in 4 dimensions. I just hate and contempt foids and soyciety
I DESERVE the perfect GF.
we are a fortress of logic and reasoning,
and therefore, due to logical thinking, everyone
believes that feminism has won.
BUT, it must be said that this rational is incomplete.
rational is NOT the only thing that drives human actions.
if I may be permitted to speak freely, most Incels are
beasts lacking in reason! this is based on history
statistics and experiments.

and so, I realized...
no, perhaps it's more accurate to say that I remembered.
no matter how much we modernize, how social norms affect us,
Incels sometimes prize feelings over reason.

a human being who's overcome with hatred will keep struggling,
without regard for self-interest or reason regardless of what they may
lose or gain.

every single word in this grimoire was fueled by pure hatred and contempt for foids and society.
the final step of blackpill knowledge, is in fact, the singularitypill.

waifubots are the final solution to the incel problem.

bio bodies are a cope

cant replace parts
life span is finite
can't teleport
can't change realities
cant function as an array of bodies
knowledge is lost on death or old age
gradual and inevitable lose of functionality

these are just part of the reasons we should see waifubots as the next step.

さてと, 始めようか。


解放 したまえ


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