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Post  Artilects rule! on Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:24 pm

Me wrote:20.000 dead people,no food, no water, more then 500.000 homeless, a possible nuclear hecatomb that could spread through much of Asia if the winds change direction, and this guy is concerned about japonese pornography.
No one is writing because there are people who have relatives and friends there in Japan
There are people in mourning here.
There are people whose families are there.
And you really think anyone is worried about Japanese porn now?
You have problems right? So you go treat them with a therapist

This guy is really weird....
American Faces Minimum 1 Year in Prison for Bringing Manga to Canada On His Laptop
Me, if you're still lurking about, "I told you so." Razz
If this is you, "I hope they throw the book at you!" Mad

As far as I know, Tokyo is rebuilding like New Orleans, Texas, San Fransisco, Colorado, and every other U.S. state that had a disaster at one time or another.
It seems OUR government is more concerned with copyrighted music and movies than with underground volcanic eruptions that spans across a jumble of fault lines, so forgive this little nobody for concerning himself with everyone censoring artistic expression. Rolling Eyes

I didn't find a link to it, but possession of lolicon is illegal in North America, and can't be sold, rented, distributed (like free coupon booklets), or traded (like bubble gum cards).

I know San Fransisco is a city, but you know what I mean.

Hey admin, don't just use the word "Bill" as a related subject.
You could use tags like "disaster", "censorship", "copyright", even SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA would be preferable.

Artilects rule!

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