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Post  Artilects rule! Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:20 am

Tokyo's Nonexistent Youth Bill Voted Down in Committee (Updated) Anime News Network - Jun 14, 2010
Tokyo's 'Nonexistent Youth' Bill Rejected by Assembly Anime News Network - Jun 16, 2010
Is postponing the bill for amendments really a victory?

Artilects rule!

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For free speech advocates: Empty My Bill Revision

Post  Arti Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:37 pm

This is how I would revise the bill:

The Manufactured Youths Bill


Child or Children
US/C Legal = 18 or older
Jap Legal = 16 or older
Real and Realistic = Photographic or made to look photographic

Seduction (adult or teen to child, child to teen or adult, child to child, or teen to teen)
Seduction = Flirtation or suggestive themes

Suggestive Themes = Naughty or racy camera angles and poses, children in sexy, arousing, or racy clothing or costumes, child nudity or partial nudity, and children seeing or touching adult or teenage genitalia

Sexual Themes = Rape, non consensual (but enjoyed) sex (penetration of vagina, anus, or mouth), consented penetration of child or initiated by child, S&M or BDSM in an erotic manner towards a child, bestiality, and zombie or corps sex (also mouth to genital and genital to genital naked or pantsless contact)

No real and realistic depiction of a child may be in sexual themes.
Sexual themes depicting anyone under a US/C legal age must be under the conditions put forth:

Must not be real and realistic, but may be in suggestive themes providing the parent of the child (or product author) of the child or children allows a photo or video in such a manner to be taken without distribution.
If distribution is wanted or needed, a third party representative must be present with a carefully worded contract to release such an image, making it known to the child that future endeavors or reputation may be hurt by the release of the image/s or display of action/s.

If however an occupation depends on selling of non real and realistic sexual imagery of Jap legal or below US/C legal children, the images must be fictional and created without a model with a disclaimer of such.

The author may not know if the fictional names are the same as real people.
It must be known the intent of the product is not meant to disrupt the lives of people with same or similar names.
It also must be labeled that these are fictional characters that go under the heading of scientific, artistic, political, or literary merit according to the Miller Test and must include that the manufacturers and distributors do not condone or encourage the actions of the characters in real life.

Restriction on sale to minors
Unlike publications such as Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler Magazine, manga is an artform in the same vein as a museum piece with captions, therefor no restrictions will apply, but will be better labeled of the content the product has, such as yuri, chibi, tentacles, rape, BDSM, etc.

Making, distributing, ordering, selling, and playing sexual games
All sexual games featuring children under US/C legal age, must not display sexual themes, however suggestive themes may be permitted.
If in a rape scene, an attempted but failed rape is all that can be shown.

Child sex dolls
Life size child dolls must be mainstreme without the "sex" wording.
The dolls may have removable clothing, but may not have genitals and may not be seen in sexual positions if not the owner (suggestive themes rather than sexual themes is permitted).
Mini dolls may use the word sex, but may not have genitals.

Child Robots and Androids
Unlike life size child dolls, child robots may have removable clothing and genitalia, but may not be sold, rented, or distributed with sexual programming and may not be seen in sexual positions if not the owner.
A child robot under US/C legal age that has genital censors, may not be created using a real person or with the looks of a child known to the creator.

Child Statues
Child statues may have removable clothing and genitals, and may be seen in sexual positions by others if the scene calls for it and isn't just for shock value (anime and hentai are the same).

Videos and DVDs
When a story is critiqued on the Web and in the media, ages of the characters who look very young must be provided.
If the story features a child brain in an adult body (or Vice-versa), a robot who appears to be a child, or a ghost, vampire, demon or ancient soul/spirit who kept a child's body, the official age of original body and current mind must be clearly labeled.

Child aliens that are Jap legal or appear to be under US/C legal age, may be seen in suggestive themes and considered 13+ (13 and over) content (may be censored for American television).
The time difference between planets (or dimensions) makes this so, and they may not actually be children.

In addition:
If the parent/s allow their child to buy, read, or view questionable to raunchy material, it is forbidden for the Government to step in unless the child is being abused in some way or a parent (or child) is abusing others.

Verbal sexual harassment or abuse in a manga, anime, or hentai (fan made included) will not count against you unless filmed live.


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