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CAVPA Child Audio Visual Protection Act

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CAVPA Child Audio Visual Protection Act Empty CAVPA Child Audio Visual Protection Act

Post  Artilects rule! on Sun Oct 14, 2012 8:31 am

Protection does not mean restriction or limit.
This bill does just the opposite, protecting audio/visual rights of the child.

18 and over = adult
15-17 = minor
under 15 = child or children

The term softcore pornography shall be no more, split into two categories called intimacy and flirtatious nudity.
Intimacy will feature sex or simulated sex, along with flirtatious nudity.
Flirtatious nudity will include flirtatious behavior and verbal innuendo concerning "Peek-A-Boo" clothing, "Micro" bikinis, partial nudity, or full nudity (including displaying the penis).
Both categories will be under the heading "erotic" or "erotica" for renting or buying.

Children will have their own sensual category called "Casual Nudity", a nudist way of thinking which has the goal of desensitizing taboos of the human body, and will include education, literature, and sports done naked or partially nude, also, the arts (music and theater), computer art, modern art, 3D art, living art, arts and crafts, etc., with emphasis on discovery, building, and learning.

Consent shall mean a consensual agreement or contract between all parties involved within displayed actions or interaction with others or objects (consent not needed for viewing actions if subject is outdoors or not in an area where one expects an amount of privacy such as a shower or bathtub, store changing room, a locked bedroom, etc.).
Adults no longer have the right to tell a child or minor what to do if he or she consents, but the adult or parent must give guidance to what is the best for the child, especially if the result is long term.

If one wants to be naked or partially nude, behavior must cease if asked by a minor, however if not asked, nudity may continue until age 78.
Nudity or partial nudity over the age of 78 will be considered non consent and must be done indoors only.

The term "harmful to children" will only apply to physical actions and all forms of child abuse (including cyber bulling).

This bill shall override the Protect Act of 2003 if the child or minor consents to nudity, just as an adult might, however the child or minor may not engage in sexual penetration, but if all parties consent, may touch genitals with hands, arms, feet, legs, and head (not all simultaneously).

Proposal work in progress.
What else should I have in it?

Edit: I was thinking this bill could also give child pornographers equal rights as their images could be considered artistic, but I also know it could ruin the life of the child so I don't know what to think.

Edit 2: Hey wait a minute, so what?!
If we're treating children as adults, they should have adult problems (financial problems is exception).

Artilects rule!

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