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A few questions, please.

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A few questions, please. Empty A few questions, please.

Post  shadae758 on Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:41 pm

This is originally an email, that I decided not to send so that I do not disturb anyone who do not wish to answer it. So, do pardon me as I break the fourth wall.

Aiko will be looking forward to acquiring the ability to walk, with the help of 14 motors. However, these motors will require a strong power source. I would like to enquire about your possible choice of power source, and whether it will allow Aiko to remain light enough to be “human” enough. After all, robots capable to walking like ASIMO weigh a lot just from carrying its power source. And how long is Aiko currently capable of running. And how long would it be able to when it can finally walk?

As written in the FAQ, Aiko has sensitive sensors around its body. Does this means in every inch of its skin? Or just specific areas?

Aiko seem to lack facial movements. For one thing, she did not smile. What do you plan for facial expressions?

Now, for something a little to the private side. Aiko is probably all fembot fanboys’ dream (no, I did not miss the ‘erotic’ picture of Aiko in your website). Could you have developed ideas from Japanese animations like Chobits, or the few animations that involve female robots?

Also, since you are a Canadian inventor (not being racist here), why does Aiko know English and Japanese? Do you happen to know Japanese as one of your important languages?

Oh, thank you in advance for any who answered. And yes, Mr Le, I am very jealous. Haha. Okay, just envious.


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A few questions, please. Empty Re: A few questions, please.

Post  Aiko on Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:20 am


I designed Aiko to use all low voltage motors.
7V for motors and 5.2V for the micro controller and sensors.

Small battery Mn-Polymer will last 1 hour or so.
Large battery will last 4 times more

Sensors in her Hip and upwards.
I would put everywhere including the legs, but it would cost more money.

The software soon will recognize a person facial expression.
But the hardware (Aiko's face) has no facial expression, due to money.

Yes, Chobit is my favroite anime.
Yes, in theory I can re-designed to look like Chii from chobit.
(Assuming I have the premission from the author to do that)

I lived in Japan until I was 8, before moving to Canada.
The only two languages I know are English and Japanese.
It's pretty hard to program other languages when you don't speak it.

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