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Aiko as a Love Doll

Artilects rule!
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Aiko as a Love Doll - Page 2 Empty Re: Aiko as a Love Doll

Post  Artilects rule! Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:01 pm

ImInterested wrote:I think this would be very beneficial in many ways.
First, the interaction and "affection" would be useful as stated above, regarding personalities.
Second, as a robot to perform some necessary tasks such as cleaning or cooking, assisting handicapped people, as a security system (all programmable functions come to mind here).
As a sexual surrogate etc. it would be very useful. I don't see how you couldn't consider that, unless the "No Soul" thing bothered you too much. I've had worse with certain people.
This aspect is probably what would drive the commercial development the fastest and improve the aesthetics and durability problem.
All these things are well known, but here is what I find most appealing: ALL THE ABOVE, with the ability to converse with an extremely intelligent being to hear the news, learn to do some new task (as a teacher), attend college online, pay bills, you get the idea. Imagine being able to ask (converse with) your Gynoid or Android any question, and have the wealth of information that is the internet as your library of information, all wrapped up in an attractive package that will give you your answer in a pleasant voice. THAT is what I find most appealing. Hell, I'm in!

This is my first post. I hope I did it correctly.
This is an interesting point.
Being non living, I see many women thinking of these girls as no more disturbing than sex toys, or even sex aids.
I do believe threesomes and even orgies would be very popular, creating a dramatic increase in fembot sales like Pokemon and Beany Babies.
I think we are more geared to female sex slaves because of the typical Valentino fantasy, but where women wanted to be dominated then, they want to be a dominatrix now.

Artilects rule!

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Aiko as a Love Doll - Page 2 Empty Re: Aiko as a Love Doll

Post  WulfCry Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:24 pm

Guest wrote:

Couldn't resist jocolor

Its so funny Smile , now thats a statement.


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Aiko as a Love Doll - Page 2 Empty Re: Aiko as a Love Doll

Post  Discoman Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:40 am

Suze wrote:Hi SilverTi,
I was surprised no-one had yet brought this subject up. Though it might be a sensitive topic to discuss for some people, I think it needs to be addressed. I imagine most people will not wish to discuss experiencing emotional pleasure with such an artificially intelligent companion - but I would be willing to bet, most people seeing Aiko have wondered if she could ever be modified to service human sexual desires.

I doubt it would be safe for Aiko or any other robot to participate in any physically intimate activities with humans any time soon? From what I've read at this forum, Aiko is seriously one very HOT babe! Literally, she has a tendency to overheat and well...I dunno what overheating could do to someone in 'really close' contact with her...but it may be more hazardous than approaching a real female with PMT? Laughing

Humour aside...your post accurately highlights the immense value of basic companionship - kind greetings, considerate sugestions, someone paying attention to your conversation and responding, fulfilling basic requests happily. In those ways, I think Aiko, and others like her will bring great pleasure to many people feeling alone in life.

Good luck finding a companion.

hmmmm... methinks i see a potential robot project for a future product...
my morals/ethics say meh, but my greed says ka-ching!

well, aiko isn't intended for that purpose.
and it wouldn't be easy to make either-not only would you need to make a robot that can interact satisfactorily with people, but could also safely be intimate. and by safely, i mean these won't be cheap, so cheaper materials will need to be used. like a steel instead of a titanium frame. which add weight. so the robot would need to be able to support its body weight in a prone position. not only that, but have dexterity and moveability is a prone position. but crawling comes before walking, and should be easier.
as long as everyone can be mostly serious and mature about this, and trolling guests can be kept away, this would be a really good topic to go in-depth about.

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Aiko as a Love Doll - Page 2 Empty Re: Aiko as a Love Doll

Post  Discoman Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:49 am

Suze wrote:Hiya Kal-el,

Thanks for educating sounds like the overheating problem can be easily overcome with more funding and better components.

lol! No No I didn't know Aiko's lovely silicon body is a high-end sex doll. I've only ever seen those blow-up dolls on tv. I had no idea sex-dolls had advanced to this complete silicon body. This option is absolutely amazing!

Yes...I feel silly now...I should have guessed Aiko could have "intimacy options" with sensors in appropriate places huh? My son Michael is getting stomach cramps now, he's laughing so much at me! He asked me what did I think the sensors 'down-there' were for? I said I thought they had something to do with feedback of pressure when she sat down Rolling Eyes

Does this mean Aiko is in a design-field entirely on her own? Are any other robot designers working toward this intimacy-option too? As far as I can work one else is pursuing this yet?

Hey sounds like your wish really can come true Very Happy

Oh WOW...isn't 'someone' going to have to 'test' a 'fully-optioned' Aiko in the future then?
I wonder if that could make some money?
Sell tickets to Aiko testing...?
Just a passing thought...

Now I must get back to studying the relatively boring world of water pollution chemistry...
Suze Smile

so, in the future, the approved by quality control sticker may be a worrying proposition?
affraid Laughing

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Aiko as a Love Doll - Page 2 Empty Re: Aiko as a Love Doll

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