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Love-Shy (A Senior Thesis Film)

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Love-Shy (A Senior Thesis Film) Empty Love-Shy (A Senior Thesis Film)

Post  nick11380 on Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:45 pm

"Love-Shy" is a senior thesis documentary that follows several men who are too shy to romantically approach women. Love-shyness is an obscure term, and even more obscure topic of discussion. These men feel as though not even their therapists are equipped to handle their issues with women and intimacy. This condition often leads to a tragic end - loneliness, bitterness, and lifelong virginity. Many of these men have trouble even talking to women, but there are some who can speak to a woman in a platonic sense.

The film will mainly focus on the love-shys, but I will also be contrasting them with PUA's (Pick-Up Artists). These men are the complete opposites of love-shys. They are outgoing, and feel as though they have women figured out. They use "openers" (pick-up lines), routines (rehearsed small talk), and "closers" (getting the number, or getting laid) to interact with women. Some of these pick-up artists were once shy themselves and have used these techniques to change their success rate with women.

The final component to my film will be sex surrogates. Sex surrogates are women who work with a therapist to help men with sexual issues become more confident and overcome their fear of intimacy. The sex surrogate is very controversial due to the fact that she does indeed have sex with the patient. It is a four to six month process, beginning with talking and eye contact and often ending with the actual sex act. Many love-shys believe this would be a very helpful avenue if only it were more accepted and not so expensive.

I'm hoping to explore the human need for physical contact and emotional connection. I would also like to delve into the idea of feeling as though one is on the outskirts of society, never really belonging, and how that effects one's outlook and life. I have shot three interviews so far, as well as observational footage. I am also planning on traveling to Michigan to shoot with the author of "The Love-Shy Survival Guide", Talmer Shockley if enough funds are raised.


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Love-Shy (A Senior Thesis Film) Empty Sexual Anorexia

Post  Arti on Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:54 pm

This is the term most people prefer (look it up), although it has little to nothing to do with sex or anorexia.
The idea anorexia starves one of food is the same as sexual anorexia starves one of sexual contact (sexual contact in this case means love and affection from a significant other).

By the way, other anxieties and phobias (including flirting,, dating,, public speaking,, etc.) may be included.
Some people might even have a dislike of sex because of performance anxiety, physical complications, a traumatic experience, or a combination.

In my case I feel my partner's expectations would be too high.
On the upside masturbatory fantasies get pretty intense without sex (reality sucks). Twisted Evil


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Love-Shy (A Senior Thesis Film) Empty Re: Love-Shy (A Senior Thesis Film)

Post  ico on Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:21 am

Arti wrote:reality sucks
that's why 2D>3D Smile

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Love-Shy (A Senior Thesis Film) Empty Intimacy Phobias

Post  Arti on Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:53 pm

It all comes down to this:

Don't flirt and you won't date.
Don't date and you won't romance.
Don't romance and you won't be in an intimate relationship.

Despite what the Websites are saying,, men get sexual cold feet as much as women, if not more-so.


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Love-Shy (A Senior Thesis Film) Empty Re: Love-Shy (A Senior Thesis Film)

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